Harris Blackout Grommet Panels - S/2

I ordered two sets for my guest bedrooms. Blackout isn’t important to me but the look and size were right so I’ll be happy with them.

I did look at the Amazon reviews and buyers indicated these weren’t actually blackout curtains. Meaning that a lot of light gets through. Can anyone here on Woot confirm whether or not those reviews apply to these specific curtains? I’m okay either way but other buyers may need some guidance to make a good decision.

I saw some reviews on Overstock and those reviews make it seem like there is no inner liner that would make it a true blackout curtain.


Correct, there is no liner.

Heavy Woven Blackout - No lining

I have these in 2 rooms over horizontal blinds. They are thick, well-made, and nice quality but no extra liner like other “black-outs”. Because I have blinds in, this does black out the rooms. Alas, my 3 year old still wakes me up at 6:15am on weekends =(

What about returns?

Our returns policy is linked in my signature.

Thanks for the info. These are nearly a third of the price of the Overstock listing. Good to see a real deal on my Daily Deal site.

Would one set of panels be large enough to adequately cover a standard sliding glass door?

Nope – a typical glass sliding door is 72".

So a set would barely stretch across…maybe a set and a half would be about right?

I did get a set of these last time - they are quite thin and see-through. In fact, so see-through that the inferior quality of the material weave plainly shows. I’ve since paid extra to get what I really wanted elsewhere. And, no, they do not cover a 6’ sliding glass door!

Mine just arrived today and I’m horribly disappointed. They aren’t blackout at ALL. I can see straight through them.

I’m really sorry to hear that these curtains didn’t live up to your expectations. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form to report the issue and include a photo if possible. Hopefully they will be able to help with a solution.

I just got mine today. I ordered the taupe and I must say, they don’t look much like the photo. They’re very shiny which makes them look sort of sleazy and slinky. Not at all what I expected. I haven’t hung them yet. Very disappointed.

Got 2 in taupe, 1 in gray, and 1 in Teal. Not at all what I was expecting. There is nothing that tells you the print is a shiny metallic and there is not much difference between taupe and gray. And they are thinner than I expected. Had I known, I probably wouldn’t have ordered.

All that said, I’m not returning them. They are going up against plain, boring, tan walls. I think they are just “different” enough to bring a little texture and eye catching appeal to the rooms. At worst, they will be “okay” for what I needed.

Thanks for sharing your review! I was really curious about this product.