Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food 2lb

Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food 2lb

Thanks Woot! Did you know this was in my cart on the mothership?! Probably.

Great for killing any bug with an exoskeleton!
I buy a 20 lb bag at the local farm store…

Gone before I could login with prime, guess the bugs will live to see another day

Flies? Mosquitos? Save for pets? What do you do with it

I use it to put on the bottom of the tray for the stray kitties I feed. So the ants can’t have it. Which means I don’t need much. Thankfully.

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If I know that there will not be rain for a few days, I sprinkle it in my yard. I take a large cheesy poofs container and put holes in the lid and shake it around like the worlds biggest salt shaker.
We had VERY bad flea around our house in town, due to all the neighborhood strays. It took care of them quite quickly. I would sprinkle it around the yard a couple feet out from the house on a regular basis.
water neutralizes it’s effect.

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Is this what vegans eat? I am confused.


Non food grade is used in pool filters and other applications, food grade means its safe enough to eat and therefore come in contact with. It’s basically tiny fossilized critters/shells that kill insects by damaging their exoskeletons and they dehydrate. It’s used in grain storage and as anti caking agent. It’s got silica and some people believe it kills worms but studies have shown it it isn’t really effective for that. But super effective for creatures with exoskeletons.

I use it as a barrier so ants won’t eat the food I put out for the cats. When I fostered, I’d give them (even the tiny ones) a light dusting for the fleas.

is this powdered water?

It’s powdered murder.