Harvard Leather Club Chair (Your Choice)

How do they end up referring to this stuff as leather: The US Federal Trade Commission recommends according to 16 C.F.R. Section 24: “For example: An industry product made of a composition material consisting of 60% shredded leather fibers may be described as: Bonded Leather Containing 60% Leather Fibers and 40% Non-leather Substances.”[7] The Federal Trade Commission has said that "The guidelines caution against misrepresentations about the leather content in products containing ground, reconstituted, or bonded leather, and state that such products, when they appear to be made of leather, should be accompanied by a disclosure as to the percentage of leather or other fiber content. The guidelines also state that these disclosures should be included in any product advertising that might otherwise mislead consumers as to the composition of the product.


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This chair is made of bonded leather. For all our genuine leather pieces, we say Top-Grain Leather. If you look at the product specs you will see it states Bonded Leather as the material.

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