Harvest Mewn

Like the mood

I’m late posting the official logo.

Agree with loneypond, nice mood to this and I’m liking the oil pastel style, nice one yazmoq! :slight_smile:

Thank you kind sirs for the appreciation.
I apologize however if the edges of the sky look a little more sharp than in the original picture I posted in the derby/imgur.

Turned out my halftones were causing some trouble with Woot’s printers =[
I’ll be in touch with Ben/Amy regarding anything else I send over I.A.

Shirt still looks good, and I hope it looks even better worn!

Thank you mewy much everyone.

Halftones can be so frustrating. Congratulations on the win all the same.

And who is going to call the fire department to get this fellow back down?

My cats approve! Congratulations!

Totally love the cat but also the scarecrow with a raven on his head off in the distance… barely noticeable. Until you blink and he’s right in your face… lol just gave myself goosebumps. But seriously, I love the subtle things. Great design!