Harvest Moon 2009 RandyZin

Hi Randy:

I thought I read somewhere recently that either a) this winery had been sold or b) that your wine was being liquidated for some reason. Am I corect or just plain loco? :slight_smile: If neither is correct, what Sonoma AVA are the grapes for the zin sourced from? I am a big fan of Dry Creek Valley and RRV Zins so a bit curious. Finally, would you say this Zin is jammy (ina good way). Thanks!

Papyrus font sighting!

ABSOLUTELY!!! A few years back I was lucky enough to have a 50-50 blend of Zin and Sangiovese from Amador County called “Zin-giovese”, but I can’t remember winery name. Wonderful stuff, I tasted and bought a case and went great with any red sauce. This sounds even better with the inclusion of Syrah for the smoky BBQ match—in for 1.


Harvest Moon is not for sale nor has it ever been. There’s lots of “harvest” and “moon” in many labels so it is possible for confusion to occur. RRV zin is really nothing like dry creek sins. It’s much hotter up north in dry creek so they lose the natural acidity much more than in the foggy am’s of the RRV. Racy, juicy, tart cran and raspberries vs the overt jammy profiles of the dry creek. The randy zin comes from all RRV zin with Sangiovese from Alexander valley and the Sarah came from the riebli valley area. There’s a ton of pepper and fruit in this zin however jammy isn’t a word to describE my zins. Explore! Cheers

I hope this is as good as you make it sound! Oh well, I’ve got nothing to lose, my pals at work will take as many as I’m willing to part with. I’ll give it a whirl.

Harvest Moon 2009 RandyZin
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Wondering if he may be thinking of Moon Mountain that is undergoing many changes and have had their wines pop-up on many sites…

BTW Randy,
In for one, really enjoyed the sampler you put up here last year that included this Zin.

Also, Harvest Moon, such a beautiful song. A terrific movie as well.

pretty sure he was thinking of Moon Mountain

Thanks for sharing that! I forgot how nice the song is. Sure beats the stuff that is coming out today (wow, I sound like my parents did!).

Not to completely derail the conversation, but you shouldn’t paint “the stuff that is coming out today” with such a broad brush. Keep looking, you’ll find something you like.

Yup! Moon mountain. Thanks!

Totally was! Thanks for clarifying. Now its time to debate whether i should go in or not? Sounds like a in that needs food vs a dry creek zin that can be had w/o food. I enjoy both but kinda in the mood for the latter

It is certainly nice to explore and have different styled zins in your cellar… The great thing about my zins is they cellar for a very looooong time. And that is a rarity for zin. Good luck.

how loooooong ???

in for one.

4-6 years from now
easy based on grape/wood tannin and Harvest Moon’s well-known acidic backbone.

Mine arrived yesterday. I tried a glass at room temperature and have to say I was a bit put off by the acidity - I wasn’t expecting it, it was nothing like the description.
I’ve since put the open bottle in the cooler and am hoping the chill will help.
Can anyone tell me if they serve this chilled or room temperature?

So, I guess you stop answering once we’ve purchased the wine and received it??