Harvest Moon Estate and Winery Case

Harvest Moon Estate and Winery Case
$149.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2010 Estate Dry Gewurztraminer
2 2008 Estate Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
2 2006 Russian River Valley Zinfandel
2 2009 Sonoma County RandyZin
2 2008 Dry Creek Cabernet Sauvignon
2 2008 Sonoma Harvest Proprietary Blend
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So I’m totally drunk on woot cellars triacepedis and I definitely want to go in for a case and dammit - no shipping to Kansas.

This would be a great case to start a wine collection, and for recent college graduates a chance to show their parents how much they’ve matured since their ‘natty light’ drinking days as a wee freshmen. Just think of the proud smile on their face when they see your extensive, sophisticated wine collection in your new apartment- or as they like to call it: their basement.

Hey woot…All these case deals are cool and all but why not offer this as a six pack for $75 and then let folks double up if they want a whole case.


I need more cases of wine like I need more permanent cats. But the 4ish packs are like foster kittens, we can take those in (anybody want a kitten?).

Love this analogy.

Not sure if it’s the case or not (no pun intended) but one reason might be that they can offer a larger discount if they’re offering it by the case vs by the half case.

I have been telling folks that I started collecting wine because it’s easier to rehome…Ok, go ahead, call me a crazy wine lady.

Good point.
Unfortunately I have to sit out on all these case deals unless I find someone to split them with me. I don’t have much cool wine storage space in my small warm in the summer Socal house.

How far socal are we talking? I might be interested in splitting a case but am in San Luis Obispo and don’t travel south much (ever)

Hey Woot World,

This is Randy Pitts, Harvest Moon Grower and winemaker. Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. We are a very small family-run winery nestled in the heart of the Russian River Valley. This case combo is one of the best of my young winemaking career. Many of the wines are new releases and a couple are perfectly aged, ready to drink wines from our vault.

My winery does not have any formal distribution to speak of, mostly because of the sheer tiny productions we craft each year, although I’m not one to pass up a great opportunity like this to get my wine out there and expose you all to my unique style of Sonoma County wines.

We are very proud to offer a line up of low alcohol, light bodied wines that lack no character or flavor. In fact, our philosophy of harvesting a little earlier than normal and using less new oak barrels is making wines that are intensely aromatic, have flavors that burst onto your palate with fresh juicy flavors and possess wonderful mouthwatering finishes. As growers of 80% of the fruit crafted into wine each season, Harvest Moon has a very good connection to the vines and vineyards we draw from allowing for optimal harvest conditions. We know the grapes, we know the wines.

Being a direct-to-client (DTC) winery, I’ll be happy to engage and field any Q’s about my growing and/or winemaking style and philosophy.

As I mentioned in the voicemail, I encourage you to check out the details of these wines and also ready what folks are saying about us and our wines online.

Thanks for stopping by!

Previous Harvest Moon Woot offer (2/22/11 dessert wines):

Is this the first time we are allowed to buy 2 on a case deal? Seems like those have been limited to 1 on the last few.

Here’s a hasty spreadsheet analysis!

Thanks for stopping by Randy. Woot mods, can you check and make sure you have this voicemail up? I don’t see it anywhere.

Personally, I’m happy with case deals, especially with varied selections. My only quibble is that here in Texas it is HOT and I’d really like to see more whites in the mix - or whole mixed cases of whites/roses. Pretty please?

Ok, well, living in Israel as I am I’m afraid I can’t order any of this stuff. Fortunately there’s lots of good local wine available here (though not at the prices of this deal).

But that’s not why I’m writing, is it? Thought I’d shed some light on the etymology of har-vest. The author is obviously language challenged, not knowing that har is the Hebrew word for mountain. Clearly, then, har-vest is a vest worn for mountain climbing. Legend has it that Moses wore such a vest when he climbed Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments. Probably took some wine along to keep him warm; it’s cold and windy up there at night, and he was there for 40 days & nights. It is also entirely possible that the vest was made of bar-har as there were brown bars inhabiting the area at the time. Unfortunately they’ve all be wiped out since then.