Harvest Moon Estate and Winery Case

Note that your chart is comparing the price of two woots to one winery bottle, so the deal is much better than the graphic suggests.

Don’t know much about the wine but their website is great with video-tastings of each wine.

I may go in for a case based on the website alone…

I’ll second that,


But as far as the wine goes, I still have some RandyZin I purchased while in Sonoma Valley 4 years ago, and I have to admit, this is the favorite Winery I visited while there, I didn’t find a wine I tasted I didn’t like.

Hi, Thanks for dropping by. We are committed to a direct-to-client relationship so a good, informative website is key. Thanks.

But it doesn’t stop there. A hard-core Tolkien fan might recognize the Adûnaic roots. (This is the language of ancient Númenor.) “Harves” is wine, simple enough. But “T’moo” is grand battle (Prepending T’ makes it “big” or “great”). Adding n or en to the end of a noun makes it a kind of prepositional phrase, to or for the modified noun. So Harves T’moon is basically wine to drink at the big battle. Or I suppose wine for the great battle. Probably to drink before the battle I guess.

I bet not many people notice this. Wow, a lot of meanings within meanings. Best wine name I’ve ever seen. Hunting and Pioneering, Moses, Middle Earth; it’s all there. As a Tolkien fan, I cannot pass this one up. Wine-making middle-earth geeks. Gotta love it! Battle wine from Atlantis, here I come.

I absolutely loved the dessert wines offered by this winery last time. I’m having a hard time saying no to this, but my pocket book is sadly empty at the moment… :frowning:


Have to agree. I’m ‘cased-out’ after a case of Truchard, Wellington, Sunce and Pedroncelli.

Four bottles to sample a winery is fun and a no-brainer (maybe 6), but I’m simply out of room…

I find it curious that Brix for all wines given except for the Zinfandel. I am a huge fan of Zin, but a “light” Zin? I like to chew mine. Brix on the Zin please?

We do not make “chewy” zin here. The “chewy-ness” you describe requires me as the grower to leave the fruit on the vine to the point of shrivel and where the acids are non-existent. Brix at harvest for us and zin is usually around 22.8 brix at harvest with an expected full 3/4 point “sugar up”, leaving a final alc of around 14%.

We are crafting a unique style of zin. Lower alc and less oak yet very very tasty wines.

I’d be all over this offering even with all the past month’s woots purchased, I see my state is not in the listing :frowning: Had to ship to Minnesota on prior orders.

If I buy any more wine…I’m going to have to figure out a way to make it into a decorative end table. But this looks delightful…


In for one. With this being such a great value and the website providing a lot of detail on all the wines offered, how could I pass it up? Even with three coolers full of wine, I will make room. I am traveling next week so hopefully it arrives before I head out of town.

Went tasting there with a few friends a couple of years ago. I love their dry gewurztraminer (and am so excited when I see it on a wine list), and I remember the Randy Zin being a fun dinner wine.

Randy was pouring that day, too, so we learned a lot about his wines. Nice guy, good wine. Wish I had the cash–this is a fantastic deal.

I really want this offer! Anyone from south central Wisconsin or northern Illinois want to split a case!

…I mean ‘split a case?’.

I’m in Northern Virginia and while I am finding a ton of case deals that are great for starting my fledgling cellar, it may be a “case” (ha ha) of too much of a good thing.

Anyone in NoVa want to split some case orders? I ordered the Truchard Tempranillo case and the Pelligrini mixed case, so maybe we could arrange to split those as well as this one. And perhaps establish a splitting partnership going forward. :slight_smile:

Stack 3 full case boxes. Cover with a blanket. Add a small, light weight decoration on top.

It’s also a useful method for hiding the good stuff from poachers.

Question for Randy: does harvesting a little earlier than normal allow you to pick the perfect time weather-wise to harvest? I live in Virginia and was recently talking wine with Justin Rose, the winemaker at Rosemont of Virginia, and he clued me in on how big an effect the weather at harvest time can have (lots of rain = diluted flavor). Seems obvious but I never thought of it before. I’m thinking that if you aren’t tied down to the “according to Hoyle” proper time to harvest, you might be able to capture peak flavor while other wineries might wait, get lots of rain, and produce a wine with less concentrated flavor.

Visited the tasting room a few years ago and we loved it. One of the best winery experiences we’ve had. I can’t really remember who we met, but I know we have a few bottles that were autographed by our host (we dubbed it the rockstar winery, in a good way).

Their late harvest Zin was amazing, and we didn’t taste a wine we didn’t like.

I’ll be picking up one of these happily.

Same here. We had a blast when we stopped by Harvest Moon, must have been almost 5 years ago. Randy was working the tasting room and I think we spent almost 2 hours there trying his wines. His Zins and Dry Gewurztraminers are great. We were Wine Club members until earlier this year (needed to save some money). However at this price it’s hard to pass up on restocking my Harvest Moon collection.