Harvest Moon Estate & Winery Late Harvest Zin and Ice-Style Gewürz - 2 Pack

Harvest Moon Estate & Winery Late Harvest Zin and Ice-Style Gewürz - 2 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
1 2008 Russian River Late Harvest Estate Zinfandel 375ml
1 2009 Russian River Ice-Style Dessert Gewürztraminer 375ml
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Oooooooooooooooo…flashy lights!!! Woot! Woot!

woot off!!~~~

A Woot-off is starting? That can only mean one thing: better go grab a bottle of red wine and settle in next to the computer.

Oh, lawd, its started.

it must mean something that I had already done that…

Perfect timing…apparently I am buying wine again…

Hide your credit card(s) before it’s too late.

In for 2, this is some really good desert wine. Just notice they are 375mL bottles.

oh no… not a woot-off so soon. i am much in need of sleep.

i bought these already and it seems as if they just arrived a few weeks ago. haven’t had a chance to try 'em yet. sorry.

Had these last time, very tasty specially the ice style

Unfortunately I am deep in the midst of a serious SIWBM. If I don’t drink down my cooler overflow, it’ll get cooked when summer comes… =\

And, yes, the overflow is large enough to warrant worrying months in advance!

This is worth two boxes of wine.

I’ll pass.

Sorry to hijack for a moment, but I have a little Woot-Off question.

Are the items offered in a Woot-Off limited to those that were regularly offered previously, but between now and the last Woot-Off, or is it more… anything goes?


no no no no no no…
i need a good night sleep…
why wine david why…

They’re almost always previously-offered items, but occasionally you do see one-off items (like decanters).

Dear Sleep,
Please don’t let me miss any Whitehall offerings.

Your long lost friend,

I’ll only add to this,

That the woot off isn’t limited to items sold between this wootoff, and the last. It can be items sold from yesterday to any time previously. Some new items pop up from time to time as well.

So glad this is already resting in the cellar. Looking forward to trying it though. Based on the previous offer and winery participation, anyone without these two particular bottles may want to give it a shot.