Harvest Moon Ice Style Dessert Wine (3)

Harvest Moon Ice Style Dessert Wine 3-Pack
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2012 Russian River Valley Dessert Gewürztraminer, 375ml
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A bottle of this was dropped off by a screaming monkey wearing a cape! Upon seeing this come up just now, we opened a bottle, here with time2testit and his rhwmbo and a few other friends. Just had a bottle of 2010 Waterbrook Semillon Icewine from Washington, which was way sweeter in perception. On to the 2012 Harvest Moon Gewurtz Ice(ish) wine! I should note, we had some of this already, so we swapped the just-traveled bottle for one we had sitting here for a while.

Nose is full of pineapple and lychee with a bit of spice and straw. Palate is nicely balanced, although I’d be happy with a bit more acid (as I tend to prefer with dessert wine). Finish is medium - about 5-8 seconds.

This is totally enjoyable, and pairs decently well with rhwmbo’s matza-crack (that’s matza with caramel and chocolate - hey, it’s Passover!), but it’s not sweet enough to really stand up to it. It’s definitely got that RRV Gewurtz thing going on where the flavours and aromas are less spicy than I expect compared to a cooler climate version. As it gets slightly warmer and gets a little air I like it a bit better as well. It’s not opening up per se, but the flavours are nicer together when it’s not fridge temp.

If we hadn’t bought some of this at the winery during barrel tasting weekend (and Randy was such an excellent host) we’d probably be stocking up.

time2testit doesn’t feel like posting his own note but finds this particular dessert wine to be too sweet.

rhwmbo thought she was done with wine for the night, but we insisted :slight_smile: She says: nice wine…a little too sweet for my taste. Goes nicely with Matzah Crack though.

Of the others who tried it: 3 liked it (one a lot) and 2 thought the finish was a little too funky for their tastes - they prefer a cleaner version.

Happy Easter!!! And Passover!!!





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Yipee! I have been waiting to catch an ice wine!

Well done, and I followed you almost all the way to the end and “funky” that I understand with reds. Same with whites?

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Thanks and back to the wineing.

Nifty idea! Do you know if/how we can add a link to the discussion page also? That’d be super helpful in CT…

To me, the “funk” was rather normal for a warmer climate Gewurtz. One of the guys said he prefers Alsatian Gewurtz, which has a much lighter palate and finish in general. I wish I knew how to explain it better, but I don’t. It’s some combination of straw, fruit, and earth that I just can’t otherwise put my finger on aside from “warmer climate Gewurtz”. :confused:

Horse stable?

I do not enjoy sweets or any type of rich food - with one exception ---- Ice Wine. Consumed in small portions I find it enjoyable beyond measure :slight_smile:

Klez seems insistent that I add my $0.02 here.

Context makes all the difference for this wine. As mentioned, we had it following another semillon ice wine while eating matza crack. It really did not stand up to my memory of the wine when mixed with such sweet things. However, at the winery back in March I very much enjoyed it and brought home a few.

This would pair well with a cheese plate or dessert on the low end of sweetness. It is quite tropical on the nose and palate, and klez’s notes mirror my own on this one. This is certainly a good price for this wine, and I’m very happy to have 3 more in the cellar.

Doable, and now done.
check out the TN’s for this on CT.

I was tired of hitting Casaers link and having no notes on wine after wine after wine. It takes some time but seems like a useful service.

I used the permalink to put a link to the forum post at the bottom of each review. Good addition!

I make it a habit to paste the WW thread into the Purchase Note window in CT on those I’ve purchased.

These are excellent ideas!

We also saved a bit of the bottle - recorked in the fridge, no Ar or vacuum. Decided a follow up note was in order. This is much the same as yesterday, although it’s mellowed a bit. Context? I’m not sure. The finish is long and honeyed still with a hint of that funk from yesterday, but it’s not a barnyard sort of thing. It’s ever so slightly spicy and definitely has a straw component to it. A few sips, and now it’s actually coming across as also having a lemon zest component - and that might be the bitterness others perceived yesterday.

So yes…balanced, not too sweet, long finish, nice tropical fruits and a little something else to make it not your ordinary dessert wine.