Harvest Moon Ice-Style Dessert Wine

Klez, have you had this? I know you and Molarche kill a lot of dessert wines.

Linkage from last years offer with notes.


We have! Because Harvest Moon’s LH zin is basically my favorite wine ever, I have always wanted to like this one more than I do. I find gewurtz to be quite hit-or-miss – the more characteristic spice it has, the less I like it. I think if you like that spicy quality in gewurtz, this will be a winner for you. It’s certainly good and I know plenty of people who happily take it home from the winery, but it’s just not quite what I go for (especially with the concentration of flavors in ice-style wines). I don’t have any actual notes at the moment to reference, but will update if I track them down.

We have at least one hanging around, so you should come over and try it!

Randy the winemaker likes to put it in a blender with grapes, vodka, and ice in the summer. I think that will probably be the kind of approach we take with whatever we have left.

You have notes to track down other than the ones cortot posted a link to? They seemed pretty thorough to me.

Yes, I asked before looking up the previous sale and discovered a lengthy review.

Cortot is ignoring cortot’s posts aside, I appreciate the molarche sighting and the awesome notes. :slight_smile:

I had an earlier vintage, 2009 I think. It’s been a few years so I don’t remember it well but I know that I liked it and this is the lowest price I’ve seen on it so I grabbed a set.

Yeah… So I jumped the gun a little. I could go back and clean it up making these series of posts really odd to read.