Harvest Moon RRV Pinot Noir (3)

This is a no brainer at $20 a pop. If you’re a fan of AFWE pinot noir, you should grab this.

Six bucks more than the recent offering of the 2011.

How AFWE are we talking? Dead leaf water? Fruit is secondary? Fruit with lots of earth and shrooms?

I reviewed this one last time around, iirc. It’s not fruitless…it was tasty. Check the last offer :slight_smile:

It’s Russian River Valley. I honestly don’t know what I’d call “primary” in this wine. It has fruit, mostly strawberries, but also has a good funk and a bit of spice on it. It’s not going to compete with Oregon or Burgundy in a competition for who can produce the least fruity wine, but in RRV it’s the least fruity pinot I’ve had.