Harvest Moon Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (6)

Harvest Moon Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 6-Pack
$79.99 $241.00 67% off List Price
2013 Harvest Moon Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley

This could get interesting.

Klez, pull a cork and take one for the community.

[edit] absolutely rocking $$$ here.
Six for the CT price of two and a half!

Maybe tomorrow afternoon…I’m already on to the whiskey tonight so that wouldn’t be adding a whole heck of a lot.

What I can say is that I bought these on futures in 2014 during barrel tasting weekend (where Randy also treated us amazingly…such a great guy). Even at pre-release pricing the woot pricing wins. This also tempts me greatly. I might be up for a split regardless…need to consult molarchae.

Edit: Funny thing is, I’ve been considering popping the first of mine for the last couple weeks. Guess I should have done that tonight instead of the Engracia PN!

Hey Randy, were you pouring this vintage in the tasting room a few months back? I ask because I came, I saw, I tasted like every wine you made but didn’t note any vintages but remembered liking the Pinot a lot.

Killer price to boot!

yeeees sir. This is a tasty wine at a smokin price.

Good evening everyone,

We’re dishing out a very delicious set of 6 of my Estate Pinot Noir. Three vineyards, all local, all Pinot Noir. If you are looking for your summer sipper at a ridiculous price, this delicate, soft, easy-drinker is here! I’ve allotted a pallet to this woot then she’s going to go like the morning fog on a hot summer day.

Wootlegged to IL, thanks to jmdavidson!

I hope it doesn’t ship too soon. We’ve got some smokin’ hot weather coming up.

This is another autobuy for me.
Problem is we’re already at 100 degree weather here in sunny las vegas… dang it !!!

I also bought this as futures years ago. Sadly I don’t think we have any more but it was very very tasty !!!

Interested, so cal split? Kyle?

EDIT: Split approved, thanks Kyle.

Randy, in the description this wine is described as Burgundian, can you describe what it is about this bottling that reminds of a French Pinot?

Hey There!

Yesterday I bought wine to be delivered to my home state of North Carolina with no problems. Just wondering why I can’t buy this wine to be delivered here as well?

For those of you who don’t see your state listed, call the winery at 707.573.8711 and we can help. Cheers!

I think “summer shipping” is in effect? If so, it rides refrigerated to St. Louis then in a regular FedEx truck from there to Chicago. Fingers crossed…

In for 1!

No CT notes, but the community has convinced me. Besides, pinot is one of my favorite varietals and perfect for summer weather.

Also, they know how to do pinot in the russian river area…

Love this wine. Have ordered it every other time it was on Woot! Would be in for 3 if shipping to Louisiana was available. Please Harvest Moon - please resolve the shipping issue. We Louisianians love our Harvest Moon Pinot and most of us love to drink :slight_smile:

Call the winery. We can help. 707-573-8711

Lower alc than typical CA pinots, less new oak, lighter color/body, beautiful floral, pedal, spice. Less simple cherry and more non-berry profiles.

bumping this, as I too am curious.
pH, TA?