Harvest Moon Russian River Zinfandel (6)

Harvest Moon Russian River Zinfandel 6-Pack
$58.99 $216.00 73% off List Price
2009 Harvest Moon Zinfandel, Russian River Valley
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This couldn’t come at a better time! I see wedding wine! Molarchae and I couldn’t have our wedding at Harvest Moon, but at least we can have Harvest Moon at our wedding! :happy:

Thanks Randy!

Edit: Hey Randy, any idea when these will actually ship? Gotta plan around travel and such.

This is quite the discount…

Indeed, too good to pass up!

What’s up Wooters!

Randy here from Harvest Moon. As I mentioned on the vintners voicemail, this is the best deal we’ve ever done. The zin were offering hails form the 2009 vintage. Cool to start, then warmed up above average from Mid summer to the end of Harvest. Dark fruit, earth, spice are packed into this aged and ready to enjoy wine.

This blend of 100% RRV Zin was aged in barrel for 22 full months, 15% new. I produced literally tons more wine in 2009, thus the smoking deal offered here today.

To enjoy this wine this BBQ season, I would decant this wine before you leave for work… Don’t spill on yourself as your boss will have questions. Put the decanted wine in the pantry or out of sun with a paper towel in the decanter opening as to prevent flies from ruining your evening. 9 hours later, arrive home to a great wine ready for dinner.

Easy enough, right?

Looking forward to answering any questions here!

PH looks good on this. What’s the TA?

And what’s the peak on this wine? Now, tomorrow, Saturday, 4 years…etc.

This wine is ready to enjoy. It’s got solid dark fruit once decanted. For the money, you will not be disappointed. Thanks for checking it out.

Can’t remember the TA, but all my wines are brimming with classic RRV racy acidity, even a warmer vintage like the '09.

I’d say it’ll cellar for another 2-4 years, but decant and enjoy this summer.

Randy, thanks for your participation and the generous offer!

Dang, we have been discussing relocating to San Francisco and the wife is “scared” about where to put all our wine. Then this comes out which for me is a dang AUTOBUY !!

Now we are just arguing over how much !!

Thanks Randy !!

Richard and Dawn

darn, you got me… I don’t drink Zins a whole lot, but this deal looks like a good time to start.

RRV Zin from Harvest Moon under $10? No brainer people! I suspect this may sell out so in at 2am PST

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Would you describe it as “plum”-y?

Disappointed. Five minutes ago I tried to purchase 1/2 case. At checkout WOOT shoots me over to sign in with Amazon. Amazon tells me I must accept 3rd party cookies. I get into my computer settings and change to accept. I go back. Still no sale. I read closer and Amazon wants me to change my browser cookie setting, not my computer setting. I do that. I return to WOOT and start over. It’s about five minutes later (4:35AM Pacific). SOLD OUT.

sold out by 4:40 am PST must be some good Zin

Wow!!! Sellout before 7:40 EST


Sold out… Eastern time never had a chance

No love for the right-coast states this morning.

WineWoot to reload with an equally good deal for eastern lushes?

Dealing with a near-blizzard, and now this sell-out. Oh how will I comfort myself.