Harvest Moon Russian River Zinfandel (6)

I did manage to snipe 6 bottles…but where is said vintner voicemail woot?

I had a feeling I would wake up to a sellout. Considering its $32 a bottle at the winery this is a steal.

Was it pulled early? Was it mispriced? I’ll never know. But those who got in got probably the best deal of the year around here.

I’m glad it sold out because my resolution to stop buying for awhile was crumbling when I went to bed.

And it’s already crumbled twice in the last week.

Wellington ports and Bonny doon sparkling syrah.

Wow, y’all were thirsty. I’ve let everyone know that we’re sold out.

I would’ve ordered also.
Too bad it is sold out already.

Total bummer! This would have been coming to my house for sure. It will be a long day if nothing else pops up.

Guess I didn’t really want/need these after all. Well, today is WB-VI day, and that will likely hurt.

They are allocating more of this wine. It’ll be reactivated soon. Thx

I left the voicemail Monday am. Not sure where it’s at.

All set! Go buy it, people!

Woot is reactivating with more of this wine. Should be avail shortly.


Just grabbed some. Can’t wait to enjoy it around the fireplace in Upstate NY.

Woo hoo! In for two. How nice of the winery to take pity on us!

Thanks for getting more up. I saw them briefly before I went to bed and thought I’ll check them out in the morning.
Being still a bit newish to certain wines offered on woot, I was waiting for others to chime in with their wisdom :). By the time I got up, it was gone.

So now after reading all the posts, I pulled the trigger on 2. I have no clue where to put them. I am one of those apartment dwellers and I got a 60 bottle rack for my closet just at the change of the year and then I just keep buying lol.

But I don’t have any other vices as they say, I like to drink wine and I like to drink good wine.

Just wanted to say that it really helps someone like me when others post about the wines and the wineries even chime in. So thanks :slight_smile:

Thought about buying this last night before going to bed, but didn’t pull the trigger. Glad that more was offered this morning. Looking forward to a well made Zinfandel at under $10 a bottle. Thanks Woot!

When did Missouri no longer become a state that wine could be shipped too? Is this a Harvest Moon thing? As I currently have wine shipped from other wineries.

Flashing button AGAIN. Just got some. Took only 6 so more could buy. It pays to recheck the website. Thanks WW for putting up more.

Phew…molarchae and I got some! Harvest Moon will be at our wedding! Sweet!!!

Missed my chance. Disappointed at the Amazon login process, somewhere between clicking “I Want” and signing in they sold out again.

The reallocation apparently sold out while I was reading this very comment board about how it had earlier sold out and then been reallocated. I believe that is irony.

No shipping to Wyoming… again…and no wine left to ship…again!
What are you trying to tell me? Am I missing something here?