Harvest Moon Sonoma County Red Wine (4)

Harvest Moon Sonoma County Red Wine 4-Pack
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2013 Sonoma Harvest Red Wine, Sonoma County
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Intriguing Randy.
No Vintner voicemail for this?
Can you grace us with some additional lab notes?
How does this blend vary over the years?
I see some others that are quite different.

I like what you do, so in for a flyer.

Any of the LA crowd want a bottle or two?

Interesting blend. I’ll take two

Wow, 2 Pinot blends 2 days in a row. I didn’t know this was a thing. I wonder if blending Pinot with other varietals will become more common now that everyone seems to grow it?

put 'em on a list so I don’t forget.

What’s up wooters. My apologies for no voicemail. It’s harvest season and wine people are working hard at getting the fruit off the vines, processing and occasionally sleeping in between it all.

This is s new wine and new blend. 50/50 of two of favorite varietals. RRV Pinot noir and Zinfandel. Yes I did it. And it’s delicious.

The elegance and earth of Pinot noir combined with the fruit and spice if Zin, this 50/50 relationship will impress at your next dinner outing. Although it needs a little time in bottle, decant this pretty wine (13%) early for best results.

Looking forward to answering questions.



I’ve made cab-based blend with this label in past, but this is the second release of the 50/50. I’ll be producing this blend every two or three years.

Only punk rock wine pioneers will cross the threshold into blending Pinot noir with other varieties. I was told I’m going to a bad place for “disrespecting the pedigree of Pinot” but I’ve always wanted to make the blend. At least I didn’t call it “Zin Noir” or “Pinotdel”. Now that would be slaughtering the sacred cow.

Some unique blends this week to be sure. Thanks for jumping on the boards Randy. I know harvest is early this year.

PM for you


Did this sell out? Odd, same time as yesterday’s offer…

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