Harvest Moon Sonoma County Red Wine (6)

Harvest Moon Sonoma County Red Wine 6-Pack
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2013 Sonoma Harvest Red Wine, Sonoma County

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Zinfandel and Pinto Noir! Why?

Great wine! We actually had this 50/50 a couple days ago. Is this a new label?

We visited the tasting room over labor day weekend and had an awesome time.

Randy - any chance for those states who aren’t on the list if we could call the winery direct for the same deal?

I tried to purchase this and it said my state does not allow delivery. ?

I checked and North Carolina is not on the list but according to the NC web site: http://www.ncagr.gov/markets/ncwine/starting-a-winery/starting-a-commercial-winery/abc-permits.html

“Direct Shipping:
North Carolina residents are allowed to receive up to two cases of wine per month per winery by direct shipment. This wine may come from wineries within the state or from other states.”

So disappointed! I haven’t ordered any wine in several months.

Wisconsin is also apparently banned. Which is strange since I’ve ordered a couple of half-cases from Woot in the last 6 months.

I actually talked to Randy about that (WI resident here as well) when we visited and it had something to do with being able to transfer the taxes back to the state or something similar.

I don’t believe wine.woot is a direct ship - you would need to purchase direct from the winery

Your question is answered in the previous offer link.

uh, why not?! I’ve been doing these blends in my glass for a decade. I like the elegance of Pinot with the spice and backbone of RRV Zin. It’s a nice wine. You should open your mind :wink:

Yes, Call the winery if your state is not listed. You had the 2012 50/50 which I used Estate Zin. This 50/50 is less concentrated but has nice cherry, spice.

Call the winery. We may be able to help.

Give us a call at the winery in a few hours. We can help.

What’s up Wooters!

Randy with Harvest Moon here. Now that harvest and crush are over, we are back in the driving seat offering this new blend of ours at a smoking deal too!

100% Russian River Valley… and 100% tasty. This is your food accompaniment for your upcoming holiday meals. 50% Pinot Noir 50% Zin. Yes, I’ve slaughtered the sacred cow. Pinot Noir. Fact is, some of the Pinot Noir that arrived at my crush pad in '13 wasn’t a candidate for single varietal bottling. Happens to the best of us occasionally! So what better way to make it more interesting that to add my favorite variety to it… ZIN. This Pinot with a kick blend is fun, tasty, will cellar three-four more years and will paid great at your dinner table.

Of course the price is what should encourage you to TRY IT!

Ask some questions.

My wife just rattled off all the different dishes we’ve paired with this wine… Winter stew, pasta and homemade meatballs, scallops in spicy red sauce and my favorite, prime rib for last New Year’s dinner.

This elegant, low alc red blend will taste great as a cocktail, but food will kick it up a notch.

Cheers and thanks for checking out my offer.

This sounds interesting. I’d take a bottle or two off somebody’s hands to give this a shot. Love Randy’s PN and Zin (in fact, the Zin was one of our wedding wines), so why not try them together?!

Thanks randy for jumping in. Hey woot, will this get shipped immediately to try and make the thanksgiving table?

I am in and not sharing So Cal wooters! How can I ignore my two favorite varietals bottled together by a winery I enjoy? Think outside the box! No brainer.


would you describe this as a crowd-pleaser (aka peeps that drink wine ocassionally or whose palates enjoy the mass-marketed wines)? I have a Holiday party coming up in december and wondering if this would be enjoyed by all. The pairing would be tapas BTW

If so, I may need to “up” my order!


Yes, this will arrive in time for thanksgiving. gobble gobble!