Harvest Moon Sparkling Pinot Noir (3)

I’m surprised this offer has no discussion. I haven’t tried this bottle but tasted through Randy’s full line up recently and really enjoyed his wines and discussion with him. If you want to support a great passionate winemaker and all around good guy then buy Randy’s wines.

Discussion from last August – same vintage, same price. In which a certain Wooter reported it overly funky. There was an earlier sale as well, but I’m too lazy to search for it.

If I didn’t still have some left over from last time, I’d pick up an order of this.

Any updates on this offer, I’m not a funk fan… if I order should I expect at least one funky bottle or more? Thanks for any info👍

I drank a bottle of this about 14 months ago. My note:

Nice! On first opening we had just been drinking an off-dry Auslese, so this was not well received with the sugar still on the palate. After that wore off, though, we all enjoyed the funk, earth, and fruit on this bubbly. Seemed more in the brut range rather than extra brut or zero dosage, which we thought was a good thing.