Harvest Song All-Natural Artisan Preserves

Harvest Song All-Natural Artisan Preserves
$24.99 $̶3̶6̶.̶0̶0̶ 31% off List Price
Harvest Song Sour Cherry 18.9oz Jar
Harvest Song Apricot 18.9oz Jar
Harvest Song Fresh Walnut 18.9oz Jar


I’ve used these to fill homemade pop tarts, which were very, very popular. Homemade pop tarts are a lot of work. But they were really good.

Id buy some of your homemade poptarts on woot if advertised

There’s that buzzword again: artisan.

I nearly bought these last year when Bloomingdales listed them on clearance for $3 a piece. You can see the ratings there, only one rated 5 stats is Apricot, two rated 3 stars and the others not rated. Walnut sold out first whenever they had sales… Saw that every time.

Fruit, sugar, lemon juice. The same ingredient list as my preserves that cost a fraction of $8+ per bottle cost as these. I guess I’m an “artisan”.

I’d buy some if editorkid shared the recipe for homemade poptarts.

Good morning.
Thank you so much for reviewing harvest song artisan preserves. i am the maker and I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. :slight_smile:

Can I just share the link? http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2010/04/homemade-pop-tarts/

Also, did I mention that they are a lot of work…?

Those pop tarts sound delicious. We have no pectin in the preserves which is a filler and a jellying component. Chefs like our preserves for baking because it is only fruits.

Can someone explain the concept/allure of walnut preserves to me? I must be missing something.

:slight_smile: Allure? that’s a great word for it. It is picked when it is still premature and the shell is soft.
It is really an edible art to eat the whole thing shell and all. When you cut vertically, you can see the whole shell. The syrup has all the natural walnut oils. .

Good stuff,however,the preserves expired B4 we could eat em up.

The jars that will be sent has. two years expiration date.

Since wine can’t be shipped to but 12 states, why not make this food.woot until they figure out all the rules. Bring on the salted caramels!

Good point. I live in Alabama and my USPS guy actually returned some stuff once because the return address said Wine Woot on it. Now, while he doesn’t like me, he does deliver my food I order from Woot! What is in the box is not their call!