Harvest Trading 26oz BPA-Free Stainless Steel Eco Canteen w/Tote – 2 Pack

now is the time to buy something just for the sake of buying something after watching the wootoff all day.



Finally, something for free!!! Oh, I see. It is BPA free. I thought WOOT was giving something away for free. Never mind.

Seriously, a waterbottle? 10 bucks with shipping?

I dont get why steel water bottles are supposed to be so awesome. My plastic ones dont pervert the taste of acidic liquids and work just as well.

Huh…They seem to sell for between $8.95 and $13 individually. If only I didn’t already have four. :slight_smile:


You can get three of these for 12.99 free shipping on buy.com


These bottles give the liquids inside a bit of a metallic tang, although it’s not very noticeable. They also aren’t as durable as the indestructible plastic ones either.


a salt or ester of phthalic acid. Esters are commonly used as plasticizers in PVC; when ingested they can cause kidney and liver damage

Just in case anyone was wondering why NOT having that is a good thing.

do u think they will have it again because the just had the fools 1

I can always use another pair of water bottles.

Does it have WiFi?

These things are pretty awesome actually, I bought them last time woot had them. Same price and they didn’t even come with a tote :slight_smile: In for another set.

Does it come with free coffee? I want coffee now, thanks woot!

But what if my liver already hates me? Can I use pthalates as punishment?

Anyone know how thick the neoprene is? Approximately how long will the ‘tote’ keep my delicious beverage cold/hot?

We are still playing that game?