Harvest Trading 26oz Stainless Steel Eco Canteen – 3 Pack



My Quality Post:


someone told me how to get the metallic taste out of these things. It involved either vinegar or baking soda. Anyone know which?

regular soda

hey good for people who can add stickers?

wth wth wth

Bought some of these as gifts during a Woot Off last year. They work great but make the funniest noises when you drink from the nozzle due to the anti-spill/leak plug.


P.S. I never had the metallic taste with these. Perhaps all that aluminum foil I chewed on as a kid has made me immune to it!

I’ll pass.

just dribble

Three canteens, but I only have two Leakfrogs. I’ll have to pass. I can’t risk one of them springing a leak, and not having an alarm for it.

This is the worst thing I have ever bought from woot, run away from this product.

vinegar would only deteriorate the inner lining further. Ur actually not supposed to put acidic substances in metallic canteens (considering the fact that thats how you make a battery (acid + metal…a crappy battery…but a battery none the less) :slight_smile:

Id assume baking soda would be the best choice.

im ready for the gym, lehzzzzz goo!

Give me three travel mugs for hot drinks and I’ll buy them. I have a few of these already. Some of my old travel mugs are wearing Out. I don’t care to melt my hand by using these for hot drinks.

So full of win!

Thank you. Don’t want to erode my mouth. :slight_smile:

bought three, thinking I could gift two and keep one, then realized I’m an idiot and I’m getting 9…then I realized I was stupid enough to think I was paying $8 for one and thought that was ok…

Somethings telling me to go to bed.

Edit: taking photoshop requests…keep me awake!

OK, I’m in. I don’t know any better.