Harvest Trading 26oz Stainless Steel Eco Canteen – 3 Pack

They are stainless steel and thus should have no inner lining. The whole point of stainless steel is that you can put whatever the hell you want in it, and it won’t absorb flavors/smells.

Actually it’s beer, wine or booze. One each!!

I saw completed listings on ebay that show these sell for $4 each.

were you using an aluminum conatiner?


Blend two images together. a scenic nature photo depicting a clean environment and the water bottle.

stainless steel

I got the two pack a while ago and the tops didn’t fit.
I didn’t discover it until recently and Woot said they couldn’t replace the ones I had because they didn’t have anymore.
Now there’s a three pack on the Woot-Off.
What up wit dat Woot?!?!?!

Stainless steel doesn’t give off a metallic taste. Clean it with whatever you like, as long as it isn’t bleach. Chlorine bleach will etch stainless, creating more surface for bacteria to adhere to. This is why brewmasters don’t use bleach to clean their stainless tanks.

Does anyone else remember when you had to check Woot not long after midnight to make sure you got in on a deal? Back then, Woot offered items people actually wanted.

why did i only get a 2 pack and not a 3 pack woot???

I too only received a 2 pack!!! i better be getting one more in the mail soon or im gunna go postal.

I only got two tooooooooooo!

Received 2 of 3. This is getting to be a pattern with two and three item orders. This is the third or fourth time I’ve gotten less than promised.

I received only two, as well. Do you think maybe Woot sent three to the kewl kids, and thought the rest of us would be satisfied with just two?

I really don’t know what to think.

I really wanted 3 so I could give one to each of my kids. Is woot planning on fixing this or should I just return them all?

I too only received 2 of the 3 promised… my co-workers that ordered them only received 2 as well… What’s the deal Woot?

Does anyone know of anyone who has received the (promised) three?

I’ve written Woot about this, but there’s been no answer.

I only received 2 out of 3 canteens as well.


Woot is sending me the missing canteen.

do we have to request it? I havn’t recieved no such notice