Harvic Mens Bomber flight jacket

(Notice anything wrong with the following?)

Step right up Woot staffers and spin the wheel.
Go a head and pick your size of this high quality bomber style jacket by Harvic. Are you a size Black, size Olive, size Navy, size Burgundy or a size Camo?
Next pick your color. Do you prefer the color, Small? Maybe the color Medium is more to your liking, or do you look suave in the color Large? For all you larger folks both the color X-Large and XX-Large look flattering on you…

You dingdongs



Lol. Oops. The order will go through just fine. I’ll let the team know. Thank you for pointing it out n

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Noooo, leave it as it is. In fact, do this every time. Go against the norm, Woot!

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