Has anyone made a list of all the "winners" from the Bag of Crap Woots?


I’m just curious. I remember reading about the 61" TV getting given away within a BoC…is there a full list out there? Is the “prize” always the TV or was something else big given out in previous BoCs?


So far, at least, that huge “winner” has been a one time thing. Lots of people have received good craps, but relatvely, nothing I’ve read in the Random Crap threads is in the same category.


Oh, crap!


What he ^ said.


I wonder when folks started expecting “good” crap?!?!?


I believe woot made a very smart marketing ploy when they pulled off the 61" B-O-C item. Just think how many more people they’ve probably gotten to sign up just hitting the site every night to purchase one just hoping they may get something like that one lucky person did.


The BOC Wootery . . . good idea if there was one real bonus bag in the entire lot of bocs every time!


Yeah, it would be nice. I think there has been another B-O-C since then with no big prize. So… now they have people hooked, not knowing they may get lucky or just get crap.


Just think in 20 years or so when yuor sittin around with your Grandson on your knee you can tell him all about the time that Woot gave away the 61in dlp


Only if I were to receive one!!!