Great work, Apelad! That is darn dino cute.

Adorable, love the sketchy background details that just somehow make it feel like dusk

Thanks lordbowen and lonelypond!

And thanks for the votes. I should mine my sketchbook more often.

Would be nice if more of these dino tees came in the smaller kids sizes. I’d buy just about all of them for my dino obsessed 3 year old if they came in Kids 4.

Love it. Want it. Having a mental fart and not seeing the “slow and free” shipping option. Buellar? Buellar?

Here is some info on the Shirt.Woot FAQ about shipping:http://shirt.woot.com/faq#q30


I don’t know why that data is still showing, but it’s been a while now (maybe a month?) since they lowered the price on the shirts by $5 and then included them in the $5 for everything in your cart instead of the previous policy of shirts free and all other purchases in a day for $5. It was a masterful change, from a business perspective. They still receive the same amount of money per individual shirt purchased, but they’ve made idiots like me more likely to buy more than one, which they then frequently put in the same bag they were already paying to ship. I’ve bought more shirts in the last month than I have in the prior year combined.

Love this! It would be cute as a onesie!!

Boo. Need to add smaller shirt sizes like 2t

or a onesie…