helgram, you pick the best colors.

Don’t forget the cost of vet care. Neutering (recommended) costs a bundle.

It’s cute and all, but do you really want a pet that is so clingy?

drum riff

Finally, the perfect pet for me! And this one won’t try to eat me. Amazing!

Anyone else reminded of Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher when they look at this?

OMG you’re awesome. I hadn’t thought about that book in over a decade.

Looks like the gravelings from Dead Like Me.

Saphira, is that your younger brother? Mr. Paolini, can you verify, please?

BTW: Love it and must have it.

colors remind me of my favorite icecream… i shall name him ‘Sherbert’

Indeed… First thought… That’s no dinosaur, that’s a dragon just waiting for its wings. :wink:

Wear this and people will start calling you Khalisi.

I think it’d be awesome if there were about ten more crawling up the back!

Congrats Helgram!

I’m always a big fan of your unique shading and coloring style. It’s popping with life.

Oh. No wings. I guess it is a dinosaur.

Dang it. And I was going to make some Game of Thrones or Skyrim joke.

Does anyone know if the designer intended it to be a dragon or a dinosaur? I’d feel kinda stupid showing off the cool dragon shirt and everyone else laughing that I didn’t even recognize it as a dinosaur.

^Agreed–love it.

I suspect the placement may be awkward on the ladies’ shirt.

that was my thought too. well, at least there’s not two of them. a fake drawn pocket might have made it less awkward.

Fantastic shirt.

I want to hug it :3