hate me later






Would prefer pictures of the turkeys.


Cute, but there are so manny better ones to chose from.


or now. :wink:


At least this one has a quick ending…I’m still watching the other one you linked me to.


Frying turkeys. That is what we want.



I can’t believe I just wasted five minutes and five seconds for that… are you sure I can’t hate you now :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, you came out of Woot retirement for THAT?


Dreamaster, that wasn’t the correct type of turkey film.


Godalmighty, I forwarded this to daughter and she already knew the song. She likes the song.
She thinks the video is stupid and rascist, but whatever.

She knew the song within the first few notes.


hmm… think she’d already seen it?


Maybe I should watch it again, but before I do, what’s so racist about it? Is it because of the odd images along with the foreign tune? If so, would it have been racist if it was to the tune of New York, New York?

It was a quick catchy tune with odd images, so what? If I truly missed the racism then I guess I’m insensitive, if there is no racism then tell your daughter not to be so sensitive.

I guess I’m getting tired of “the white mans guilt” syndrome.


I didnt see it either