Hats That Are Hatty

I’m a little surprised the write-up wasn’t in full rhyme.

I feel like I should be looking for Waldo.

Now I really wish I looked good in baby blue.

I’m wearing another shirt.woot cat in the hat shirt today…


You know, I’ve always wondered where the Cat in the Hat gets his clothes.

Oh oh oh, I know which one he’s going to pick!

The pope hat!

…or rather, “Baby Bluetiful Kittenfish.”

Partial to the, uh, Peppermint Pope hat. Awesome.

Great shirt!!!

Now that I see all the options, I kind of wish Cat in the Hat had been localized in every international territory with the native hat style.

Wear this when seeing Seussical.

Then he could be Thou Cateth in Thine Hateth :D.

It never occurred to me that the Cat probably raided Waldo’s wardrobe.

mmmmmmm, candy cane hats!

My cats hate to wear hats. Though I keep buying them.


Reminds me of “Old Hat New Hat” Berenstain Bears book.

I find the jester hat in the foreground particularly wearable, but that’s just me…

No, no, not the Pope hat! Pick the mortarboard!
Because it’s just fun to say!

One more shirt for my toddler to point at all day long, while I get my kids attention taken away from my wife. muahahaha