Hats That Are Hatty

Kudos on that sneaky mad hatter reference.

I feel like I’m missing some Thing.

cant find him

I’ve seen two or three of those hats playing Team Fortress 2.

I have a feeling this will have a high percentage of kids sizes sold.

I don’t think so. Both Things are there…

Great shirt. But I’m surprised to see it here, because of Dr. Seuss’s copyright issues. Isn’t that a W00t no-no? I’m confused.

Ha! This isn’t Waldo’s hat shop is it?

So is it the cost of hats that keeps the cat destined to be a freeloader? Hats are expensive, man.

Cat, hat. In French, chat chapeau. In Spanish, el gato in a sombrero!

I wonder if this is what bald people go through when they try to pick their toupe’ for the day (hehe it rhymed)

I’d go with the fez. He’s already sporting the bow tie. Might as well. And besides, a fez is cool.

Ah, I miss Ted too…

I have a few Woot T-shirts and would buy this shirt but the quality of the material for Woot T’s is not very good. Improve the quality and I will buy more!

Congrats David! awesome work!

hey, love these…however, why not offer long sleeve T’s :frowning:

I don’t get it . . .

Blast-facts kudos for concealing the copyrighted likenesses behind hats. Theodor Geisel is doing barrel rolls in his grave!

Do I spy a Day of the Tentacle hat!?!?

Aaaw green eggs & ham LOVE me some Dr. Zeus lol… Decisions decisions… this is sooo cute wish this was in something other than blue, cuz blue is a color I just cannot cannot do :frowning: (too tired from watching this dang wootoff to come up w/ a witty rhyme) & so too it would apparently seem, were the authors of this… Wow what a missed opportunity for an epic writeup, this was… FAIL!!!

edit**** & I mean Dr. Seuss duh :slight_smile: