Haunted Ride

Congrats! I am already looking forward to next year’s design (when glow in the dark will be once again allowed in the derby) (c’mon woot!) Awesome design and a well deserved first place! :slight_smile:

So happy to see this place! My closet was in desperate need of more orange. It fills the orange hole in my soul.

This is a thing of beauty by one of my favorite designers on this here website. Congratulations!

And the series continues!




All aboard! Good, cute train.

Well deserved winner!

Congrats ! Amazing design.

Woot! This is amazing. Thanks guys, you are awesome, and thank you everyone who voted this ftw.



Happy Halloween!

Congrats SG! First place was never in question. Great addition to the series!

wow this won… and it got first place…

i don’t even know why i even bother looking at the derby any more much less vote, its just one big popularity contest, who has the most friends and followers to vote for them.

going to laugh if their super one of a kind never been dun before “pocket tee” design wins second place.

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Hi Mom.


Fun to have an orange shirt for Halloween!

Congratulations, Spirit, we love your shirts here!

I love this! All the little details are so fun.

Congratulations on your win! I knew this was #1.

I love designs like these where you just keep uncovering more and more fun design tidbits! Ordering mine now.

I was so close to buying one but I can’t wear orange, I’d look like a pumpkin. You don’t want to see a grown man look like a pumpkin walking around do you? Huh? Do you?!!!

Isn’t that kinda the goal around Halloween?

Been there…