HAVA Titanium HD TV Streamer with Wi-Fi

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New HAVA Titanium HD TV Streamer with Wi-Fi, for $79.99 + $5 shipping
2 different products:[list][] 1x Monsoon HAVA Titanium TV Streamer
] 1x HAVA Wireless Kit

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Dont need as I have ATT UVerse and Windows Media Center… thanks anyways

I don’t trust HDTV over wifi.

Does this work with Linux?

is the product homepage!

mike is innocent! He loves Woot! We love Woot! Long Live Woot! and Woottv!

Is this compatible with windows media center?

Sounds like a cheap slingbox

so wait…is this a capture card? i’m a bit confused…


(Froggled!)](HAVA Titanium HD TV Streamer - Google Shopping)

This looks like a good product for my home, my sis is out at college and could use one of these!

I’ve used one of these before, they’re ok…

It seems interesting…but c’mon. You know you’re looking at it and thinking “dongle.” Heeeee

If only I had a PC, USB hard disk, or a DVD burner… :frowning:

would have to guess you’d need wireless N, not G, for transmitting HD. Seems a but underpowered.

Average to slightly above average reviews on Amazon.

B to B+ reviews on Alatest.

Can I send recorded things TO my TV and watch them later, or watch DvDs that way?

What about compatibility with mac OSX?

It says stream threw a Pc, But does it work for mac?

Can you wirelessly stream video from a PC to a television with this?