Havahart Critter Traps

careful folks, I found several of these cheaper on amazon.

the 1079 is $45 with free shipping, versus the $60 plus shipping here.


beware, these are used by most places to drown the animal later in a 55gal barrel of water. Most states do now allow trap/release in different areas. Was told that if I trap it, I have to kill it.

Where do you live? the Phillipines?
My mother uses these all the time to trap cats and dogs that are dropped off by idiot owners/ she spays/neuters them and tries to adopt them out.

This is true in a lot of places - especially with nuisance animals like skunks (which I know you cannot release on state gamelands in my state).

My policy: Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Oh - and tractor supply is much cheaper. Got a set there for $30. I am kind of admiring that xsmall chipmunk trap…

I’ll just keep relying on my cat.

Most places? WTF are you talking about? Exactly how many places do you visit that do this?

No. If the animal is to be disposed of most people either shoot the animal (hunting) or poison them (vermin). Not to mention 55 gallons of water is a bit wasteful for such a small animal.

You should have started with this. This is true in most states especially on federal or state land. Next time stick to facts instead of stirring the pot with your BS.

Anyone know if the med size will take a small cat? Like the ones the crazy old lady next door feeds?

I must have some smart chipmunks they seem to be able to eat the peanuts without tripping the trap.
I had the xsmall 1 door

Try smearing some peanut butter instead.

I have a large Havahart trap. It works very well. I was using it to catch groundhogs, and I caught two of them (one at a time). It turns out that they really like cantaloupe.

While I love having some stuff around, if you go and talk to your local animal shelter/pound they may well have these for loan. I live in Northern Kentucky and have borrowed a few cages a few separate times to trap racoons. I don’t ever recall being told I had to kill it, we just drove it a ways away and released them. If I were going to kill one, it would be with some lead not water.

Thanks for the tip

I assume the large is in reality larger than the medium, though they both have the same dimensions in the specs. Copy-paste issue?

Hooray for your mother! Animal rescue people are the best.

Does anyone happen to have experience with the large foldable one? I’ll go look for reviews. My roommate does all kinds of cat rescue and raccoon relocation (with proper licensing!) but her traps are too big to keep any in the car all the time.

EDIT: 67.15 at walmart.com, compared to 72 here only a dollar better after shipping though.

Better still, it’s **under fifty bucks **with Prime: http://www.amazon.com/Havahart-1092-Collapsible-Groundhogs-Armadillos/dp/B0016PC4GG


Many cats are a bit too claustrophobic to enter if the opening is not bigger than about 7" by 7" If you don’t want to wait around for an hour or two while they stare at the food from a distance, get a trap big enough for raccoons.

We had a rat problem upon moving into our new house, but SWMBO was opposed to poisoning.

I got the Medium Professional single door trap, and a small 2 door variety. The rats would trigger the small trap before getting inside, so that didn’t work. Sometimes they could get in and out of the large one without springing it, but liberally smearing a peanut butter and cereal concoction on the trigger platform solved this.

Unfortunately, it did not solve the rat problem. Once the capture count got above 20, and baby rats started showing up in the little trap, I switched to poison. I had been dropping off captured rats at a nearby golf course that is home to many stray cats, so I figure I was just speeding up the inevitable. I still haven’t told my wife how the rat problem was actually solved. I may give it a few more years before coming clean.

spec shows “large” is same size as medium and both catch animals the size of mice.

Lead meaning you would shoot it? good chance you would damage the cage even if it was with a bird shot there is some risk there. Any rifle/pistol would mess it up as well.

Most of the people I know use either a 55 gallon drum, or just throw it in a pond with a rope on it. Glad PETA doesn’t come around the mid-south much :stuck_out_tongue:

Medium sized fits a raccoon fine. plenty of room for it to move. I just captured this guy an hour ago. Southern California. There’s a family of 5-6 using my yard as a toilet, and I’ve captured 2 so far.


a lot of what has been said here is true. In many states it is illegal to trap and transport wildlife off of your property. Yes, in many areas it is legal to drown them in the traps (hence the 55 gallon drum). I know I will probably get a lot of flack here but there are reasons why trapping and transporting/killing isn’t a good idea - bad for the animal, and won’t solve the problem. You need to figure out what is so tempting about your property that is attracting the wildlife and work to eliminate that, otherwise more critters will just keep moving in. Organizations such as The HSUS offer humane solutions to dealing with wildlife.