Have A Nice Trip #11

I’m very tempted but am not a big fan of black shirts, they are on the same level as white for me…

The answer to your question is (duh) tardy!

Looks like he is in a David Copperfield pose and his bowtie looks…off


I love this design! but i’m tired of black shirts and blue shirts so i guess i will have to pass on this one…

Me too, because cats. Even black cats.

I was thinking Tardy TARDIS but … yeah!

Cutting out the middleman since 2000.

Only 4? I am totally shocked!

Doctor What?

So am I. Doctor Who fans are usually nuts about stuff like this.

I must say, the detour events are the best idea, ever! I got another 2 shirts, that I have been wanting. My girlfriend got another shirt, also.

Shirt off score
Girlfriend: 3 shirts
theco2: 3 shirts

Still only 4. I’m thinking 20 minutes was more than enough time, for this one and it’s going to be up for another 10 minutes.

I think the count might be stuck. I’m pretty sure it was at four before I bought one. Purchased it, still at four.

Maybe you don’t count.

Damn, missed this >_<


I just noticed from a Doctor Who facebook page that TeeFury had a very similar design from the same artist earlier this month (http://www.teefury.com/gallery/2425/Time_Traveller/). So maybe lots of people bought that one and didn’t jump on this one?

I love Doctor Who but only own two of the Woot shirts (“Celebrate!” with the Dalek Christmas tree and the Escher one with the Doctors walking all over the stairs). The others haven’t been my style as much.

Kudos and a complaint here. Kudos: great design; fits well; design looks great on some of the shirts. Complaint: that “some” should be “all”.

We ordered a WS, WM, and WL so we’d each have one that fit. The WS and WM are great (although WS kid decided she’d prefer WM, so we’re ordering another and will give that WS to a friend). The WL - not good.

The much larger design that’s used on the WL might (MIGHT) be OK if it was placed in the same position as the WS and WM, ie. starting a few inches below the neck. But it starts a good bit lower. Since the shirt isn’t all that much LONGER than a WM, the much larger design on the WL goes almost all the way to the bottom of the shirt instead of being nicely framed all around in black as on the WS and WM. If you put your hands in your pockets - hence bunching up the shirt - this messes up a third to half of the design, unlike on the WS and WM. Not only does it look bad and misplaced on the shirt itself, this placement is NOT at all flattering either - all attention is on the tummy and the shirt’s proportions end up looking wrong.

Woot, you need to move the design UP a good two inches on the WL if you’re going to insist on the much larger version or else (and I think I’d actually prefer this) continue using the smaller WS/WM design on the WL tee. If I can fit comfortably into the WM, I’ll wear that one instead - I do NOT like the way the WL looks as a shirt, let alone on me.