Have an issue with account address

I recently shifted my account details i.e., email address on mothership aka Amazon but it didn’t get updated here for woot so my request to return product has not been going through as my old account is expired.

Adding to the trouble is I don’t remember the password for woot so I’m unable to change email address here for woot to get their emails.

Please help!!!

I’m not able to call the support either.

From the master guide of different scenarios involving needing to update email addresses:

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So I’d be getting response back from the email address I emailed right or my woot email address that needs to be changed!?

Because I did message support from app saying email address needs to be changed but still no response and it’s been at least 2/3 days.

Email them from the new email address using the above guide. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Unfortunately, it’s all still a really annoying process.)

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Thanks :+1:

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