Have you played the Ken Jennings Trivia Game on the Woot! app yet?

Have you played the Ken Jennings Trivia Game on the Woot! app yet?

This has to be one of my favorite things that Woot has ever done!

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Yes and it was all very well done. Well worth the addition to my sleep debt.

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Unlike plank monkey Ken can only die once.

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Oh my god, you killed Ken?! Eeee…



Just Woot Ken. I’m sure the real Ken is fine.

Played, tied Ken, won a chance to buy (drum roll) a scratch-off map of the world. :slightly_frowning_face:

So you can learn all those countries and answer some of those questions on Jeopardy!!

Great game, but do you only get one chance? Thought the rules say play over and over but can’t get back in. Thought Ken would get to humilate my lack of knowledge multiple times.

You can play as many times as you want but you can only claim a prize once. Try restarting your app? I’m able to play it again.

I could only play it once too

Checked again. Still can’t play twice. It loads up the score screen.

I’ll wait for a Carmen Sandiego game before I try for a map.

Thank you! I had to admit defeat and claim a booby prize before it let me play again. I thought i could play over and over and claim prize when i was ready. Regardless, i enjoy the new game! Thank you for the quick response!

Could only play once. My pathetic score of 4 will not be good enough so i don’t want to claim prize. How do i rest?

I was able to play multiple times, BUT you can only qualify for the prize if you score 5 or more on your FIRST TRY (unless the rules were changed)

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Woot always finds a way to ruin games.

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After you play, click the Exit Game button at the top-right.

Subtle “I scored an 8” brag

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Hahah! I’ve played the game multiple times and still can’t get a perfect. Sigh.

I just tried to exit without claiming the reward but it wouldn’t let me. I’d re-open the app and it would bring me right back to that page to claim the reward. I did uninstall and reinstall the app last week per woots directions of clearing yada yada…:::sniffle::: I only got to 3

Well, you only get one chance that will result in a reward. You can’t keep playing to get a better reward.