Have you played the Ken Jennings Trivia Game on the Woot! app yet?

I watched the GOAT tournament and was rooting for Ken the whole time. Me and my fam watched Jeopardy every night growing up and loved his run.

Now, how do I figure out how to do a Trivia night with the Woot community…


Ask wootybot

Wootybot, will @manlapig succeed in his trivia quest?

@wootybot fortune

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:crystal_ball: Ask again later


@wootybot fortune

:crystal_ball: You may rely on it

There ya go @manlapig

You’re all set!


No I wasn’t paying for was better prize, I hadn’t claimed it, I was trying to get to 5 so I could. I got to 3 and closed game with the close game button and reopened to try to get to 5 as I did not claim reward but that didn’t matter. The plank plank game takes me like 20 tries before I get to 25, once I reach 25 or over and claim the reward.

I scored a point. Yay?

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Unfortunately, as rule #4 states, “You can play as many times as you want, but only your FIRST score will count[.]”

Ahhh…I missed “First Score” thanks! :blush:

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So last night I went to a bar trivia night and my team got fifth… it was embarrassing. Our team name was 5th Wheel so we were on brand tho so it wasn’t that bad hahaha