Have you seen The Avengers yet?

Saw it last night. AWESOME!

Yea, and they only broke the 3D 3 or 4 times. The hulk+rag-doll was the best part.

Yep, thought it was great.

Tomorrow. But in 2D.

who gets to play mrs. peel?

i thought it was some of the best 3D I’ve seen on imax. I saw it on IMAX.

The rag doll was funny. puny god!

Are you all Whedon fans too?

No, but I’d like to. I say that about a lot of movies though. It’s just not practical for us to go. Love Wheadon :slight_smile:

Just saw it this morning. AWESOME. I liked Stan Lee’s cameo too.

Have to say it again, make sure you stay until ALL the credits are through, not just the first section.

i did too! that was good!

I didn’t know when I went so I missed the last one.

Not even playing within 30 miles of here. It will be here next week most likely - too lazy today to do the drive through the traffic which is horrendous on weekends still.

to be real honest, you didn’t miss much.

that’s crazy!

Orc and I went in June to see it. We enjoyed it.

I want to see it again. I’ve seen it twice already.
I saw the dark knight rises on the weekend it opened. It was good, but like the first 2, dark. (i’m also not a fan of anne hathaway so that took me out of the movie at times.) I liked the avengers better.