Havens 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Four - Pack

**** no labrats. ****
( long story )

Does the story involve the winery ceasing to exist? :frowning:

Shipping four bottles to my family in WA from K & L Wines via UPS Ground would cost $12.86. You’re getting a slightly better deal here at woot, and woot can actually ship this to me in TN, which K & L cannot do. I might be in for one, and the late shipping date will make my husband think that I waited a few weeks to purchase anything else from wine.woot!

Given the delayed shipping, will there be any lab ratting on these?

Oops, WD answered already.

The K&L deal is for the Napa Valley cab, to which they assigned an original price of $35.

Courtesy of CJ:

So join or create your own now …

We can ask JavaDrinker about it. He was going to drop by K&L this afternoon to pick some up.

Good catch. I did some searching and found bottle image of an “H” Cabernet for Napa Valley (vs. North Coast), so it looks like CT wasn’t wrong after all.

I added the North Coast to CellarTracker and update the link up top.

In for one from India but it appears I will beat the shipment home.

In for two, and I’m just getting into this wine thing. I’m going by the comments, which also lead me to purchasing my first wine here, the Tudor Pinot Noir, which was excellent. I’m generally a glass a day guy, and noone else drinks it among my family or friends, so this may last awhile. But at $10/bottle I figured I should stock up.

You’re now officially on that slippery slope, we’ll meet you at the bottom. Enjoy the ride!

Since the winery will obviously not be participating, anyone have a guess on drinking window for these?

In for three… all these holiday parties have taken their toll on the cellar!

Hi, Wootfolks,

Wine.woot newbie (and somewhat of a wine newb!) with an OT question:

I just received my Wellington Vineyard Designate Cabernet Trio Friday afternoon. It’s pretty cold here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and when I opened the box (which had been sitting in my office for 20-30 minutes), the bottles were covered in a thin film of ice - the warm, (relatively) humid air of my office had condensed on the bottles, then frozen.

The content of the bottles seemed to be liquid, I could see the bubble moving around, although I suppose it’s possible the wine was slushy. Also, the corks were not pushed out at all.

Should I be concerned? Is there any detrimental effect to wine getting very very cold in the bottle aside from the bottle breaking and/or leaking? I don’t plan on opening any of these for at least a couple more years.

Thanks for your help, I’ve already learned a lot about wine on these boards.

Greg in da U.P.

I was about to go in for one until I read, “notes of lead pencil”. That sounds really gross to me. Why would anyone enjoy “notes of lead pencil”?

The Labels look very nice! But the real question is, are these Kosher?

maybe it has to do with the smell of freshly sharpened #2 pencils. I actually like that smell.

See my blog in my signature for rumination on that question. It might mean a cedary aroma from the wooden part, or a mix of cedar and the China clay/kaolin that gives the writing part an aroma that’s supposedly a bit metallic and earthy.

The bottom line is no one agrees what exactly is meant by the smell of pencil lead, so basically think of it as marketing-speak. You probably won’t smell it unless you look really hard for it.

So I looked up my tasting notes and found that I tried 03 Merlot.
“Note: notable berries and gentle texture. Pleasant beginning…” (hmmm so where’s body and finishing comments…)

In the past three months I have drunk the '94-97 Merlot and the '96 Bourriquot (please, WD, please, please, please!) and found them uniformly rich, not at all diminished by age, and maybe even enhanced by the years. My recent taste of a '05 Bourriquot has encouraged me let it remain undisturbed for a few more years.