Haven't Been Paid for T-Shirts Sold in March 2015

Hi! Just to preface, I’ve already contacted Woot on two occasions regarding this issue but, since I haven’t gotten a response, I wanted to check with the community for advice. -:]

I had a design print as an HM in March, and I emailed the appropriate paperwork to the artist payment address. However, I have yet to receive any deposits into my bank account. I sent an email to the payment email address three weeks ago, but I never heard back so I contacted Woot customer service. They, in turn, told me to email artists@woot.com; I did so a week ago, and I still have yet to receive any response.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had any similar issues and could recommend the next appropriate step. The design in March was my first time printing, so I could understand if there was some delay associated with that. Now, though, I had another design sell in the May Shirtstorm, and I’d like to resolve this issue sooner rather than later. -:]

Thanks for your time, gu~ys!

I’m sorry for the delay in payments. I’ve sent a note to the shirt team so they can look into it.

Oh! Hi! I was expecting more of a “Try-This-Email-Next” response. I appreciate it. -:]

I’m more curious than irate, really, so no worries. Just wanting to clear up any problems there may have been with my paperwork. -:] Thanks so much!

Hi kaedex99,
Sorry that first payment hasn’t come through. Sometimes the first payment takes a bit of extra time, but you should have been paid if everything is set up correctly. I’ve reached out to our artist payment team and we’ll get it figured out first thing this week.
Your Type C-Reaper design that ran in the Shirtstorm shipped in June, so payment should come through in July. The payment typically comes the month after a shirt ships.

Always feel free to reach out to me directly if you don’t get a response from the artist@woot or the artistpayments@woot email addresses. New artists are a huge part of our site.

mike d.

Oh, Mike! Thanks for the response and help! Actually, without anyone telling me to do otherwise, my next email was going to be to you. But that was kind of my “last resort”. -:]

Thanks again!

He~y! For the sake of anyone who may happen across this post in the future, I wanted to go on record to say that I have received payment for the HM print.

Just so no one gets a bad impression. -:] Thanks for all the help!