Hawk Apache Double Prop R/C Helicopter

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Hawk Apache Double Prop R/C Helicopter
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Hawk Apache Double Prop R/C Helicopter

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It’ll break in 15 minutes. Guaranteed.

from vacuums to this… i think this is an interesting transition… great price though… really… check useful linkage… if you want those comparison prices.

Is this as hard to fly as the mini 'copters they were offering?

I have one of these helis. Pretty sweet!

This will def take an eye out !

Now this looks like a higher quality copter than those others we’ve seen here!

Edit: Which, by the way, I ordered 3 of the mini’s in mid November and still haven’t gotten…ahem!

Wooters are always suckers to RC copters… I predict this will sellout fast

This thing looks pretty hard to fly. Anyone out there say differently with experience?

are these 2 or 4 ways?

These types of toys always have balance/control issues, anyone have a review on this?

What would be the range of the remote and how long the batteries would last?

heh, Teddy Bear Skeptic, hehehe
Resistance unit in the couch cushions, snort!

it seems to be a little better than the ebay cost.

You’'d think for such a steep price they’d give you a controller with less batteries, but this is so much more. 8 batteries and a $40 price tag compared with the $10 price tag of the other choppers that use 6 batteries. Woot, I am disappointed in you tonight. For all those who buy these, u a buncha dum dum heads is all I got to say.


got some link,lots of pictures


remote range 200ft

why can’t i open window for another pic?