Hawk Apache Double Prop R/C Helicopter

I will gift the little one from the other day and keep this for myself!

how many servos? i’m confused. it seems like 3 to me. I’d love it if it were 4 servo!

but hight is only 20 meters, how is this??

Here’s a snappy video.

i ahave 2 of the 2 ways (from woot and buy.com), love them, but want a 4 way (up & down and right &;eft&right)… instead of up &down and spin left spin right…

are these 4 ways?

4 way control.

up, down, left, right.

$40 ---- will probably make it about 20 minutes before I fly it into a wall and break the darn thing…

$2 a minute ($120/hour) for entertainment…I’ll pass and leave it to the experienced helicopter pilots!

I guess since it has bi-rotors, it goes both ways…

Pretty cool. Still able to arrive before Christmas…or not likely?

but I’m not sure it’s the same though,woot doesn’t give you l-po batteries

meh - 2 channel remote…
just like the small copters but takes more batteries - great! This will actually do some damage to your expensive plasma - unlike the foam ones… not for indoor on this one… about 1/2 price tho so good woot for anyone wanting an outdoor-only toy.

How good is these in compaer to the other one thay had on these woot may be like 4 week ago? I may just have to by these for my son for chrismes.

LOve u

It says all that if you read it

Although I’ve never flown this particular model, the counter-rotating blades usually make this style of mini-heli very easy, pretty stable. It keeps the harder facet of controlling rotation almost out of the picture with proper trim. This is probably a pretty good model for a beginner, fairly stable,inexpensive if you destroy it, $40, not too bad.

Doesn’t mean you’ll be flying all over the place though. This size is pretty much restricted to indoors, maybe 10-15 mins of flight time, less if it’s constant. And I’d say probably an hour or two of practicing before you’ll be comfortable. That’s 4 or 5 recharges worth.

Batteries and range will last just long enough to reach the crash site

The committee for the disposal of excessively long links has struck again!

$13.29 for 16 batteries. enough batteries for 2 change-outs!

I’d consider getting this for Dad, but I fear for the safety of my remaining, functioning eye. No, the other one wasn’t put out by anything like this, but still… those blades… this huge thing… the small tiny one is enough to drive me crazy when it gets close, this sucker would make me run screaming.

Yes, I am a wuss, deal with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

As someone has pointed out already, 20 meter (65ft) ceiling height, 200 ft range (lateral) distance.

ahhhhh, maybe there isn’t one ???