Hawk Apache Double Prop R/C Helicopter


hmm… any good?


bought one before xmas, was doa


Got this last time…it’s ok.


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Hawk Apache Double Prop R/C Helicopter
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Hawk Apache Double Prop R/C Helicopter


cool. something in the office that i can play with!!!

anyone have this…how is the controls??? battey life???


2chan? 3 chan? 4 chan?


So I presume it’s 3 channel? Good ones are 4 channel.


Can you actually steer this thing?


Hard to control.
Battery dies quickly.
Charger gets very hot. Not regulated so you must unplug it after about 45 - 60 minutes (when it is really hot).
Added some weights to tail to help stabilize it.
2 CH (up/down, rotate left/right)


I bought this last time it was on woot and returned it.

BUYER BEWARE: This is NOT a full function 4channel controller like Woot claims.

This is a 2 channel heli ONLY. It slowly goes forwards AND up at the same time with one stick - and can turn left/right with the other. It does NOT have independent forward/backwards controls.

This has the same functions as the cheap $10 helis. However this is MUCH larger and and NOT very forgiving when crashing.

Buy at your own risk, but beware that the description is incorrect.

This is a 2Channel ONLY helicopter. No independent forwards/backwards (does forward as it goes up).


Nice job, isanchez19! According to woot, you bought this 1.017 seconds before it was even available! (check out the time to first woot). Where are you hiding that time machine? I call shotgun!


Old discussion thread from this one in december…



About 12min flight time. You really want a 4chan these are very hard to controll. About the same as a 10$ on and atleast you only out 10 bucks when you crash the cheep ones.


Correct… and might I add that it actually always goes forwards… as long as it’s weighted correctly.

When I got it, I had to add some weight to the nose a bit so it actually MOVED forwards…

But now… looks SICK moving through the sky with it’s size. Definitely gets so good air too.

I did leave the charger on too long once, and now the battery only lasts like 5 minutes or so.


Got one last time. It’s tricky to control and I couldn’t get it adjusted right to steer well. the batteries die quick too. It does look pretty badass though when you get it working (well, as working as it gets). Needs a lot of room though. The controls themselves are pretty decent though. The remote has a nice feel to it and the options for how to move it are pretty robust. If the thing was able to be properly tuned it would be a great toy.


I got two of these last time - one was great the other faulty - Woot did a GREAT job of replacing it right away and the replacement flew like a champ.

Here’s a video I made of me flying the first one.


Where do they claim it’s 4 channel? I don’t recall ever seeing that but maybe I missed it.

For $40 it’s a pretty nice helicopter IF you get a good one. Woot customer service was VERY supportive of the one I had a problem with and were quick to get me a replacement that flew great.

So, for the money this is a good deal. check out http://www.xheli.com to get an idea of what there is out there at this price.


Can you buy replacement rotor blades for this?


Yes, and rotor head parts as well. Many of the ESky Commanche parts have worked for me. Parts(blades and blade grips)