Hawk Apache Double Prop R/C Helicopter

…alright maybe not

Oh yeah! It’s been up every third item… should be another along in just a minute!

No…naked to cross the space/time continuum…the Spandex was a lie…

Sure it flies, but the real question is WILL IT BLEND?

crap i did mean to change it lol i guess i forgot to ctrl + v on the second pic

i meant to put this one up

Hard at work at Woot.com.

this 'copter is C*RAP the blades are made out of cheap plastic that break very easy. not worth 40 maybe 10 ,but not 40!!!

Anywhere from 24 - 72 hours

Amen!!! It will last about a week. Then, they’ll be begging for you to come back. Sometimes, we all need a reality check.

Awwwweeeee!! So cute :slight_smile:


Buy 3!!

I try, Paul… I try. :wink:

About an hours worth…

Yikes!! Well, let me know if I can do anything to help. …but isn’t that a typical 14-year-old thing to say? I still love you! :slight_smile:

Seriously - PM me if you want! Don’t want you to be upset!

well in that case…

My brain cannot assimilate so many deals for today. Please stop the madness.

The voices. They’re calling me.




What this thread needs is…

Beer bong gurlz!