Hawke & Co. Jackets And Coats (What's The Difference?)



It’s the important questions.


I’d say that coats are intended for protection from the elements, and jackets more as a general top layer. “Sport Coats” ruin this attempt at classification though.


Good coats/good deal?




It’s legal here! Hooray!


I often wonder who would buy a jacket online without first trying it on, and especially when it can’t be returned!


You could try it on at a Macy’s near you - if there is one near you. Then you could pay more there if you want or come back here. It’s always your choice.


The Macys’ by my house doesn’t have the Mayer style so still can’t tell


There’s some sizing info on the Hawke & Co. site: http://www.hawkeandco.com/mens2.htm


Im suspicious as to how they got those numbers… 24in chest for a large is the size of a small boy


I bought a Hawk & Co. winter coat on clearance at Macy’s last year, and I wear it every day now that the temps have fallen. It is well made, warm, and durable. I am well satisfied.


It looks like they’re just measuring across your chest instead of the circumference. Which is more or less useless if you have any type of body shape.


I have the Kingston or a model like it, got it real cheap working at Macy’s a few Christmases ago.

My only complaint is that the 2XL’s sleeves are a little short for me, and the jacket isn’t as long as I’d like and it’s a little narrow in the shoulders, but that’s my complaint about every piece of clothing I own.



I own the Car Coat being sold and purchased it last year for around $100.

It is of very good quality material, but suffers from two flaws.

1: I wear a size M in 4-5 different brand coats and this is the only size M to be tight in the shoulders, and unusually snug in the chest.

2: The coat’s biggest crime is that the arms are too short. And I say crime because this coat is used in cold weather, and the moment you raise your hands up at a 45 degree angle from your waist, the cuffs ride up and by the time your arms are at 90 degrees to your body, your wrists and part of your forearms will already be exposed to the elements. Be they snow, rain, or wind-- and this oversight for a WINTER coat is, in my opinion, total product-purpose failure.

I made this error because I tried it on in the store and shrugged off the arm shortness because of how truly nice the material of this jacket is. Unfortunately it turned out to be a major mistake and the store I purchased it from (Syms) shut it’s doors after the holidays.


Same price but more photos of the car coat here:


I miss Syms.


Jackets are shorter.

Jackets end at the waist. Coats are anything longer.

This isn’t hard people.