Hawking Technology Net-Vision Wired Network Camera



Hawking Technology Net-Vision Wired Network Camera
$39.99+ $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Hawking Technology Net-Vision Network Camera - HNC210


Some camera pricing…

Hawking Technology HNC210
SecretPrices … $45.99
Froogle … $49.50
PriceGrabber … $58.52


looks cool. any reviews?


never fear… i’ve collected all the comparison shopping links for this woot… no need to look them up yourself…
as usual comparison site prices for this woot are on the blog… all of them.


net vision i thought it said night vision… meh no thanks


Manufacturer’s page:



640x480 = no thanks. The description was the most bizarre I’ve seen yet, making this well worth staying up for.


Like the descrip but no Mac support = no emdub support. G’nite, woot, perhaps tomorrow you’ll give em what he wants.


i dont like sticks . . i am not allowed outside


Here are the prices on Froogle…



Froogle link: http://froogle.google.com/froogle?q=Hawking+Technology+Net-Vision&btnG=Search+Froogle&lmode=online&scoring=p

$49 lowest price from froogle without shipping.


Hawking makes good stuff…


too bad i have no use for a web cam…

i have never heard of hawking. are they reliable? this product is new and not a refurb, but who knows, woot may get their hands on some in the future.


Seems like a good deal, most links show it over $60 …


Doesn’t look too bad for something that you can use if you need to monitor your house/apartment etc…


Does anybody know anything about this camera?? I am looking for someone who has actually used one. Any help??


Wired??? Are they kidding…is it 1996 again?


i bought one of the nicer wireless/LAN models, direct from hawking tech, nice idea, simple execution of network cam, flakey web based controls(although works well with Apple computers and Safari Web browser, definite plus), strange cam viewing app included(.exe), wired connectivity great. image quality slightly above expected for these resolution options

their control panel interface reminds me of the linksys router built in admin page, very basic web based, WORK WELL WITH APPLE SAFARI

(Very helpful customer support!)

Great Frame rate within the network, access from outside lag grows


Woot! First sucker again. Woot!