Hawking Technology WiFi Locater – 2 Pack



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NOTE: This is price for ONE. Woot is selling TWO


the useful linkage blog has the comparison site links… that’s what you came here fore right?.. or did you wanna discuss the woot?.. fine i’ll throw that in too… geesh… p.s… why not a 10-fer?


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looks like something form star trek


Hawking Technology WiFi Locater[list][/list]------------------------------------------------------------------[list][/list][Froogle Results:](http://froogle.google.com/froogle?q=Hawking Technology WiFi Locater&btnG=Search+Froogle)[list][]Average Price is: $105.50[]Minimum Price is: $14.99[]MaxPrice is: $540.00[/list]------------------------------------------------------------------[list][/list]I’m Feeling Lucky Google Result:[list][/list]Hawking Technologies[list][/list]------------------------------------------------------------------[list][/list]Amazon (This may not be entirely accurate):[list][/list][list][]No Ratings Data[*][Prices and Reviews](http://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&key
words=Hawking Technology WiFi Locater&tag=feerite-20&index=blended&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325)[/list][list][/list]------------------------------------------------------------------[list][/list]CNET:[list][/list][Prices and Reviews](http://reviews.search.com/search?target=&q=Hawking Technology WiFi Locater&tag=srch)


Is that a Starfleet emblem on those?


These any good??


And cue the bad Star Trek jokes…


If these work like their routers, then stay away. Their routers were terribly unreliable and I won’t be buying from that brand again.


No woot tonight. Not from hawking anyways.


Looks like a great deal, But I still have 5 kingston wifi finders left from woot :wink:

I notice no new features.


Bought one of these for my dad during the before Christmas wootoff. It doesn’t work very well and the battery compartment flew apart when we first opened it and it took a few hours to fix it. The battery also dies really quick. I would look for a differnt option when choosing a locator.


Will they tell me if the networks are unsecured so that I can steal the signal, or will I still have to open my laptop to tell me that yes, there are indeed wireless networks, but no, you can’t get on one???


Spock, Spock . . . beam me up, Scotty!


$24.99 for one.


YES! There’s definitely a Star Trek reference.


Didn’t they mean “Hawking Technology WiFi Locator – 2 Pack”?


For something that comes with usage suggestions like the ones listed in the info., I won’t pay more than $5. Good Night!


Use these things to find
Your lost stereo. My fault,
thought it said “hi-fi.”