Hawks View Cellars Oregon Pinot Noir (4)

Hmmm, I’ve been to the Chehalem area of Oregon when my son flew me into Portland to later head to Astoria to fish the Columbia River. Went to Tori Mor, Lange, and Anne Amie. Love Pinot from this area, but I have a ton of wine in the basement. And I mean TON!!! Can anyone provide a recommended cellaring window?

Now that I’m retired I’ve got to watch my spending. I really enjoyed my time in Oregon and after seeing Astoria and the coastal areas I wanted to retire to Oregon. But too deep rooted in OH.

Wonder if this was the winery I tried to find coming from Portland. It turned around at one point and saw a real large sign that had a flying hawk and may have said “Hawks View…”. But I never found the place, plus by that time I had to head back to Portland while I could still drive, if you know what I mean!!!

The 2011 I drank a month or so ago is still doing fine. Have yet another left that I am not touching for at least a year.

For the record: 2015 Hawks View Cellars Oregon Pinot Noir 4-Pack $99.99. Same deal as last time. Here’s the discussion from then.

Good morning everyone!

I’ll be here today answering questions and giving fast facts about our wines.

Fact #1 - Our 1991 planted estate vineyard is dry farmed, meaning it is unirrigated. All of the water for the plants is provided through rainfall. This forces the plant to struggle and find it’s own water source and is part of the stress variable which helps generate flavor complexities.

Dijon? Pommard?

Was just at Vidon. Love the wines the AVA can produce. May check this one out.

Great question! Our vineyard has 7 different clones of Pinot Noir and 1 one of Pinot Gris. The selection is as follows…


All of these clones are in the blend that comprise the 2015 Pinot Noir!

Saturday Fun Fact!

Our 2015 Pinot Noir is our first vintage using screwcap closures for our flagship bottling. Advancements in screwcap technology have created a closure system that mimics the breathability of a cork while completely eliminating taint.

What that means to you? When you receive this wine you can be 100% sure it’s absolutely how it was crafted in our cellar.

PS - This is the last weekend of the deal for the year! Get it before it’s gone!

Thank you for offering your wines on wine.woot. I have enjoyed both the Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir and had a wonderful time visiting your tasting room last October. Looking forward to future offers from Hawks View!

It’s a pleasure, and thank you for visiting the Estate last Fall!