Hayes Valley Rosé Case (12)

Hayes Valley Rosé Case 12 - Pack
Sold by: Clos LaChance Wines
$89.99 $156.00 42% off List Price
2014 Hayes Valley Rosé, Central Coast

We drink rose year around at my house but I just bought a cheap case this weekend. Maybe if it comes up again in a few months.

Reading the description and specs, it sounds promising, but the lack of reviews from the community gives me pause. 12 bottles of an unknown wine, even at a reasonable price, is a bit of a leap for me. Maybe I can interest some of the red-loving wine pals at work. Or maybe I can interest other NYC peeps in taking a couple off my hands?

I’ll listen to the vinter voicemail later on, and decide.

Haven’t had much recent from them but have enjoyed Clos LaChance wines in the past. Not a rat’s chance of someone tasting this I’m sure.

Didn’t look at the winery details, good to know its Clos LaChance.

I’m in NYC and might be down for splitting the case (hoping for at least one tasting note!). PM me.

Whiskey Tango Hotel? Direct shipping to Virginia is allowed. C’mon Wine Woot, get the story straight!

don’t get me started on VA.

this is a great deal. stock up!

Almost bought then noticed the screw caps - no thanks.
If they are going to cut corners on the bottling, they will cut corners on the wine-making as well.

Absolutely false re; the closure.
There is a good number of well respected producers we see here frequently that offer top shelf contents under a Stelvin closure.

Peter Wellington
Scott Harvey
Twisted Oak
Inspiration Vineyards

all come immediately to mind, and I’m sure there are others…

Screwcaps show thoughtful winemaking. Particularly on a bottle meant to be drunk in it’s youth so to speak. Eliminates chance of cork taint. Not a cost cutting move but a positive bottling decision.

Wow, people’s baseless biases. For a wine that’s likely to be drunk young, such as this one, what’s your reasoning re: the downside of using Stelvin over cork? (“Reasoning” about the benefits of one closure over another, not just unsupported conclusions based on your perceptions of wines that have a screwcap, I mean.)

Plus, for crying out loud, it’s an $8 wine.

WD, don’t know if it’s just me and my computers, but I have not been able to get the Vinter Voicemail to load. This is both on a Chromebook, and on my work PC, using Firefox.

Anyone else?

will check on this. thanks for the heads up.

Ditto with Brave with OsX.

Particularly for a young wine, modern screw-caps are great - that’s why so many winemakers are moving to these kinds of closures.

Not so great for the cork-oak habitats though, as falling demand for traditional cork actually damages cork forest biodiversity.

I’d happily stock up if they’d ship it here!

So, there’s been a lot of discussion over the years about restrictions to various states. There was one quite long thread about it a while back. Here is a link to a post that mentions VA, which may provide some insight.

Any notes from experience? Specs and AVA look great