Hayes Valley Rosé Case (12)

I bought this the first time it was offered, and realized I was going through it entirely too fast! Glad to have another chance to buy more. Extremely quaffable!

Thanks for posting. Any notes? I love rose but hate it when they have any sweetness and/or flabby acidity. Any info is appreciated

Info indicates this is a dry offering. That, in addition to being aged in stainless is what prompted me to purchase. With 12 bottles on the way my fingers are crossed.

Wish we’d get a little more participation on these side deals.Many temptations,but seldom buy with no commentary or winery participation

I purchased this case the last time it was offered and didn’t regret it.

This is a pretty dry Rose that definitely goes for more of the mineral/earthy qualities than straight up fruit. It does still have some fruit present though. Very drinkable wine, especially if you like your Rose dry and crisp.

I think it’s a good value at the asking price. I would rate this wine a B+ overall.

I’m not the one to ask about serious tasting notes, but with three different rosés in the wine cooler (Bravium, Denier-Handal, and Hayes), I’m favoring the Hayes. Dry, but there is a hint of strawberry. I’m a big fan of Provincial rosés, and this one seems to fit that style. Plus, the qpr makes it a very good deal. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to serve it to anyone who likes rosés.

This is Jennifer from Clos LaChance winery, producers of Hayes Valley Rosé and Vegan Vine Wines! Thank you everyone for your interest and for the overall positive feedback! We are very proud of this wine and it is always great to know our customers are enjoying it as much as we are! As others indicated, this is a dry Rosé aged in stainless steel. Below are some more details for your reference. Enjoy!

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes: A classic, dry, Southern Rhône-style Rosé. Bright raspberry, cherry and fresh strawberry aromas, with a hint of bottle brush and violet. Maraschino cherry, strawberry and pink grapefruit flavors are followed by a refreshingly dry finish.

Suggested food pairing: Curry, paella and other rice dishes, seafood stew, salad and sheep’s cheeses.

Hope that helps! Cheers!

We bought this last time around too and it is decent. We are French Provence fans so like rose not so sweet. The color sometimes is an indicator which is why we went for this. It is not syrupy sweet and pretty light. It is definitely worth it at <$8 a bottle if you drink as much rose as we do to want to buy 12.

Did I miss the varietal blend?

Southern Rhone style and Provence Rosè are nice, but imprecise descriptors.

From Specs Tab

Hand-picked and hand-sorted
Whole cluster pressed Grenache for base wine
Pinot Noir saignee pulled off skins after 72 hour cold soak, fermented separately
Blend base and saignee post fermentation

Ageing and Blending
Aged 100% in Stainless steel tanks at 50 degrees
Blend: 91% Grenache, 9% Pinot Noir

Jennifer can you compare this wine to 2013 Clos Pegase Vin Gris? Thanks.

Thanks for the notes…sounds like my type of rose…not a fan of cloying roses…

SWMBO drink roses like water and this sounds like our preferred style. Thanks for chiming in

Thanks for getting back. The consensus seems that this is a great buy at the price point for those of us tha enjoy dry, old world style roses. :wine_glass:

I’m actually trying to change my order to TWO cases now. Ordered one when the offer hit (First Sucker for once in my life), but am realizing, as the weather warms up in SoCal, that I’m drinking more Rosé these nights and less Cab. Waiting to hear back from Woot as to whether I can order more.

CS will not be able to change your order but shipping is included in the price so you can just place another order.

In. Thank you enablers!

Got this as a gift and love love love it…Hoping it comes up again…