Hayward 14,000 BTU Ahri Pool Heater

I have never seen something this expensive on Woot.

They had some watches (cleaned-up vintage Rolex’s and such) that were in the $7k+ range a little while back. This certainly will slow down the Tools & Garden party for a while, if not for good. I’m guessing they have only a couple. Gotta love the “Limit 5 per customer” label!

They must have this one on a timer or something because it’s 91%, but there are no sales stats. :slight_smile:

A $2250 item in a WOOT OFF?!?!? That’s a first for my eyes! I’ve seen the sales with expensive items, but not woot offs.

Talk about a very niche market

Woot-off killer! :frowning:

…Nobody want’s to buy your $2k paperweight Woot. Somebody messed up and thought selling this thing was a good idea. Just take the loss and take it off the friggin site.

Based on Google searches, it’s 140,000 BTU, not 14,000.

In for 5!

I have 5 pools and have been waiting for years for a pool heater, but just refusing to buy one due to them never showing up in Woot Offs! In for the limit…

I love that they’ve sold one or two, so far. There are actually people who were sitting around and were…“Know what it’d thrill me if the Woot-Off had? A pool heater!”

Lucky people. I’m looking for some Origami shelving, myself.

It’s 140KBtu not 14KBtu.

Please tell me this is not going out in a Bacon Onion Casserole…

Not everyone has a pool…