Hayward Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaners

The ladybug I purchased in 2010 came a hose that was in segments. This allows you to adjust the length and also made it easier to ensure there is no air in the line. I couldn’t tell from the description if this is the same.

This ebay auction shows what they look like AND what happens if you store them over a railing. The hose will bend if stored that way and I imagine it can impact performance. Store them flat.

I have an 18 foot intex pool with the pump you listed. I called the company to make sure this would work with that pump and they said NO, intex pumps aren’t strong enough to make it work it would just sit there in one spot.

Have a intex 18x9 ultra, did you use the intex hose or the one that comes with this pool cleaner? Also where did you attach the hose to? Thanks

The little black pump that is attached to the bottom of the skimmer. A little black box basically.

I used the hose and the skimmer attachment that come with the pool cleaner. There is a part available that lets you remove the little black skimmer pump and attach a hose to a cartridge filter. This skimmer will not work with the little intex skimmer pump.

This guy: http://www.amazon.com/Summer-Escapes-Skimmer-Filter-Conversion/dp/B004ZH50FE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1403127534&sr=8-2&keywords=intex+pump+adapter

Good news is if you want the pool to stay clean you should really ditch that intex skimmer / filter setup anyway and install a real pump.

What kind of pump would or did you get for your intex pool? We just bought a 16x48 one and I’m cconcerned about the pump now. We thought one of these pool cleaners would work great but obviously doesn’t sound like it. Would really like to know what you upgraded to please

We replaced our smaller Intex pool that used those paper filters with an Intex 24’ x 52" round pool and immediately got rid of the wimpy little pump that came with it and bought a 3000GPH sand filter pump($150 on Amazon). Best thing we ever did. Pool stays crystal clear with very minimal effort, not spending a small fortune on the paper filters and actually spend more time enjoying the pool than maintaining it.

I bought one of these vacs and LOVE it! Now I barely do anything and the pool is always clear and clean. Takes 2 minutes to toss this thing in and then I come back an hour or 2 later(or when I remember) takes another 2 minutes to pull out and disassemble(to lay hose pieces flat) and it’s done.

Another tip…if your pool toys, masks, snorkels, etc, get icky or mildewy, toss them in the dishwasher instead of scrubbing by hand for hours. Just make sure the straps are tucked up so they don’t interfere with the spinning parts.

Got this for my Intex pool. Just sits there looking at me. Contact woot about return and pretty much told tuff luck. Told me to sell it. I will never buy from woot again. Buyer beware…